Sunday, September 4, 2016

Multibase madness and more gobbos

Well, my Goblin Army is well under way. Apart from the frustration involved in cleaning and assembling metal models (well, compared to plastic ones at least), these Kev Adam sculpts were truly a joy to paint.

It's my mission with every new army to try something new. With this army, I decided to try nonmetallic metal. I decided to go with a blue base color (rather than grey) however, since I thought it would complement the rest of the color scheme quite nicely. I am going for a 1990's feel, with bright vivid colors.

I also decided to multibase this army, for possible Kings of War use. This gave me the opportunity to go all out on the scenic bases, which were modeled to represent luscious forest undergrowth. The tree trunks are home made using Apoxie Sculpt. First time I'm using it but really nice to work with (and cheap, too!)

Well, here are some of the fruits of my labors. I am still experimenting with the new camera, so apologies for the picture quality. It seems like miniature photography is a whole different art in itself, with important subtelties that I am still not accustomed to.


  1. Nice. I saw these on facebook and I liked your mini diorama bases. I dislike night goblins, but you painted these well.

    1. thanks. I feel old asking this, but what is the main avenue for discussion these days? Has Facebook overtaken the forum?

    2. Hi Anthony, I'm probably the worst person to ask as I was a late adopter of Oldhammer and have only just really started using the Forum recently. I do most of my Oldhammering on Facebook.