Saturday, May 5, 2018

Old World Army Challenge - April entry

Word was spreading in the Old World of plunder and death of apocalyptic proportions. Survivors of former cities now sought refuge within the capitals of the Empire and spoke of hordes of savages bearing the heraldry of the Blue Serpent. Meanwhile, Morgoth's hordes only grew larger as followers of the chaos gods were drawn to the strength of his army and the potential to wreak havoc on the kingdoms of men. Packs of beasts of all shapes and sizes were drawn to the din of battle ...

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Old World Army Challenge - March entry

The thundering of hooves brought a smile to Morgoth's twisted visage. As powerful a sorceror as he was, Morgoth knew that the centaurs were only going to join the ranks of his beastmen followers if he was truly favored by the Blue Serpent. His smile was part satisfaction at the appearance of the centaurs, and equal part gratification that the Blue Serpent was ready to rise and claim the world as his own.   

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Old World Army Challenge - February entry

Members of the Blue Serpent Clan don't care how death is reaped in the name of their all-consuming deity. Northerners are known for their skill with bow and arrow as this is how they hunt both for food and for bounty. Indeed, one does not approach creatures of the Northern Wastes in close proximity unless one has a death wish; ranged shooting the best method of hunting them and staying alive. All Clan battle formations have some degree of ranged shooting. Each Clan division has its unique combination of snake venoms with which to poison their arrow tips. While Clan warriors kill in the name of the Blue Serpent god to pay their tribute, surely an agonizing and slow death by poisoning would provide a more worthy sacrifice!

Here is my February entry for the Old World Army challenge. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Fiends, hunting beasts of Slaanesh

Well, my foray into a  Slaanesh warband continues. After painting the daemonettes, I knew that I just had to pick up some fiends. The name alone is cool as hell: "hunting beasts of Slaanesh". If a pack of  deformed, 4-legged animals with boobs and pincers for hands isn't going to send you running, I don't know what is! I painted these guys to match the color scheme from my daemonettes. I think they turned out well. I used the 'glazing' method of painting on these guys and, all things considered, they painted up pretty quickly. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Old World Army Challenge - January

While it has become prevalent amongst marauding tribes, in truth the Cult of the Blue Serpent has found sympathizers even amongst seemingly normal members of society. For there will always be those amongst us who wish for nothing more than to see the world burn. However, in the Realms of Chaos, it is no small wonder that beastmen form a significant portion of the Serpent god's followers and they are second in number only to marauding thugs. Disfigured, mutated and abhorrent in every way, beastmen of the Cult wait in fervent anticipation for the wakening of the Serpent god when the world of the righteous will be brought to its knees and annihalated in one final act of contempt.

Beastmen emerge from a forest and attack a nearby village

Lead off track

Well, I was just bragging the other day about how my 100% painted challenge had made me a little more self-disciplined in my purchases. Then this happened...

I've always had a soft spot for the really old orc and goblin cavalry. You know, the ones with the metal wolves and boars. Unfortunately they sell for an arm and a leg each, and I prefer not to buy single models anyway - too much hassle. I'm not a fan of the Oldhammer Trading group on facebook, but that doesn't stop me from checking it occasionally. I stumbled across a listing for an entire army of these guys. I thought for about a half of a split second that I shouldn't succumb to temptation (think of the paint numbers, man!) especially since the models would have to be stripped and repainted. All 88 of them! But this time temptation got the better of me. All the way from Belgium (and weighing in at well over 3kg), here they are:

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


This month saw my first attendance of NOVAOSGROT 2018, generously hosted by Brian Kirkell and his lovely family at their house in Maryland. NOVAOSGROT is an acronym for Northern Virginia and Other States Grand Regional Oldhammer Tournament. And in true Oldhammer fashion, there was nothing tournament-like about it. Rather, it was a mishmash of gamers getting together to play whatever games they wanted, at whatever points level they fancied with whatever rules they decided were appropriate. Now that's my idea of gaming!

There were about 10 attendees from the North Virginia-Maryland-East Coast'ish regions. I myself made the trip from central Pennsylvania, a pleasant two-and-a-half hour drive from home. I headed out on Saturday early morning and made it to Brian's house by late morning. After some socializing, I was fortunate enough to play Jeff McCaffrey's beautifully painted Wood Elf army in a 1000 point throw down against my Dark Elves. We had a great time considering that it was my first game of third edition and Jeff had to walk me through the rules. I got into Warhammer at the tail end of 4th edition/beginning of 5th edition. The most stark differences I noticed were in the way combat is resolved in third edition, including pushback. Didn't take too much getting used to, though, and it was great fun. Some shots from the key points in the battle below (sorry for the poor quality of the pictures taken with my phone camera)

My Dark Elf Lord, Battle Standard Bearer and unit of Dark Elf warriors charge  Jeff's block of Wood Elf
archers. Unfortunately, the archer block routed and got cut down at the last turn of the game

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Watch those pincers

Those who follow my blog may know that I am doing a small Slaanesh warband on the side. So far, my painted collection consists of chaos champions and thugs which can be seen here.

However, about a year ago I had the fortune of picking up 10 of the first edition daemonettes of slaanesh. I don't know what it is about these models, but they are by far the best iteration of daemonettes in my opinion. Their claws are perfectly proportioned, their bodies are lithe but their faces are freaky scary.

It was not long before I decided that I needed some first edition fiends of slaanesh (aka hunting beasts of slaanesh) to provide some fast support. They stand assembled and primed in my "to do" cabinet as we speak, and will probably get painted within the next few weeks.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Thugs of the Blue Serpent Clan

Many turn to chaos as an easy road to power. Few travel along that road very far, for the perils of insanity, mutation or death in the name of their god often claim their lives before long. Meanwhile  the chaos gods laugh at the weakness of man and the inevitability of his demise. The Clan of the Blue Serpent hail from the depths of the Chaos Wastes. They are diverse in heritage, but are united by their worship of one of the lesser chaos deities - the Serpent god. Myth has it that the Great Blue Serpent has laid dormant beneath the surface of the earth since the beginning of time. It will only awaken when sufficient sacrifices have been made in the name of death and destruction, and at such a time it will engulf and consume the world in its entirety. The Clan members now number in their thousands, and have made it their life's sacred mission to slay in the name of their deity. There can be no greater glory than dying in the name of their almighty god before the world is consumed at the end of time.  

This is a post I originally made over at the Old World Army Challenge. It was my monthly pledge for December (the second month of the 6-month challenge to paint a 1000-point army) 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Holiday greenskins and end-of-year paint tally

Well, I was lucky enough to finish my December pledge for the Old World Army Challenge a little early this month. What with the holidays coming, I wanted to give myself plenty of time to complete the 20 models for this month. Luckily, I had a few days off early in the month which provided the perfect opportunity to knock these out, and also opened up the possibility of painting some of my greenskins with the remaining time. Greenskins constitute the majority of my unpainted models at the minute. I remain steadfast (read:stubborn) in my self-imposed 100% painted challenge, even though there is no chance that I will complete it at the deadline set at the outset (Summer 2018). 

Here are the greenskins I've been painting over the last few days: 9 netters/clubbers with a few of the plastic monopose snotlings sprinkled in for good measure.