Sunday, December 13, 2015

Arbaal unboxed

I wondered what would go well with the hounds that I dug up in a previous post. I remembered that I had picked up Arbaal the Undefeated a few months ago on ebay. He was one of the Champions of Chaos released in the '90's and on which the supplement with the same name was based.

The model arrived in great condition for something that was 20+ years old, so I decided to post some pics of the unboxig process for nostalgic purposes. Oh, how times have changed!

Cracking open the outer cover reveals the rich artwork of the inner package, which formed the basis of the 5th edition boxed set, I believe 

I used to love the insert that came with said boxes 

It had all sorts of commercials for new products, but also came with a nifty few hobby tips for assembly of metal miniatures

Note the mail order form on the bottom right corner

I'm still unsure of why the foam packaging was compartmentalised, although the dividers on this one were still intact. A rare occurrence indeed!

I only noticed now that this model came with a printed sticker to use as a banner.

Not sure if I'll use it or make my own, but it's a nice bonus indeed.

Do you have any fond memories of old GW packaging? 


  1. I've never seen this particular model, but judging from the style of the box, this is from the 5th Edition. I've also recently purchased a boxed model from the 5th Ed. which you may remember - Melchior on Wing Nightmare - which I've since painted and used for various purposes in KoW. To answer your question, though, I remember the very first Undead Battalion set that I bought in 1998 which was my entry point into Warhammer had a 30 page insert included. I remember paging through it at the time and becoming immediately hooked to the wargaming ethos. I still have it if you'd like to see it sometime.

  2. I'll post the pictures on FB since I can't do it here.

  3. Please do post pics, as well as pics of your Melkhior. I know the undead battalion that you are talking about. Coincidentally, it was also one of my first wargaming purchases when I was a kid. I remember melting away half of the skeletons with plastic glue while putting them together as a kid. Does Kings of War allow for customization of your vampire (a la Strigoi, blood dragon etc.?). I do miss those unique models. Wasn't a fan of the Blood Dragons, but I loved the feral Strigoi and the weird Necrarchs