Sunday, December 6, 2015

Spindly khorne demons

Today I wanted to post some pictures of my khorne bloodletters.

 It seems like nowadays the aesthetic of the Khorne models is very bulky. The newest bloodletters are an exception, and are perhaps a throwback to the original models. Although I only have 7 of the original bloodletters, I am very fond of these models and these are some of my first experiments with the airbrush.

What do you think of these models? I can tell you that I had a great time painting them. Until next time, happy painting!


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  2. The demons look great, nice job! Are you familiar with the ill-fated Christopher McCandless? His story has nothing to do with wargaming, but before he died he stated that "happiness is only real when shared". As you well know, much of the reward we get from wargaming is derived from the shared experience of having fun with your gaming buddies, which includes the showcasing of your beautifully painted armies. Several of us have expressed a desire for you to become active again, and I'd like to encourage you once more to join us in the near future.

  3. Thanks, Keith! I will absolutely be joining you guys again. Real life has, once again, been cramping my hobby mojo. End of the year is usually busy, work-wise. I have nonetheless been following with enthusiasm the growing of KoW action in our area. The rulebook has been sitting on my basement desk being waiting to be opened