Thursday, May 19, 2016

Oldhammerers in the new world

Well, as I plug away on my painting projects, I came across a great resource that I just had to share. It is a map created by a fellow Oldhammerer (Sean of Sean's Wargames Corner) howing the location of fellow like-minded nerds in the new world. What a great idea! Add yourself, then share with others.

I am located in Pennsylvania, USA. The more people that add themselves, the more useful this resource will become. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the plug Anthony, now following your blog. Just hit me up with an email or Facebook private message with your details in the format:

    Where do you live?
    Real name?
    Looking for opponents?
    Can you host games?
    What armies do you have?
    Contact details?

    I'll checke the Oldhammer forum to see if you did it there as well.

  2. Just posted on the Oldhammer forum. Looks like I had originally signed up in 2013! Enjoying rediscovering everyone's cool projects