Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fight club

Well, while these psychopaths have already been unleashed on the likes of the Oldhammer facebook group, I thought it only fitting that they should have their own blog post too.

They will be used as common goblin dirt in my Kings of War night goblin army. Shame that they cannot be given a special trait befitting them, but they will add variety to the ranks of goblin troops in the army.

I cannot emphasize how much I am enjoying the multibasing option provided by Kings of War. The convenience of not having to remove individual models is something I am greatly looking forward to in game-play (if I ever get around to playing, that is). As I mentioned in a previous post, I always try new technique(s) in every army. In this army, it is NMM (nonmetallic metal) and lavish multibases. I don't think I have the NMM down yet, but that's nothing that practice on a few hundred common goblins cannot fix....


  1. I like these guys. The diorama bases do look quit nice. I'm stubborn and have stuck to the 3rd edition basing scheme. I hope that some day I will get the hang of techniques and expand my repertoire.

  2. Aye, us oldhamerrers are traditionalists at heart. I used to base all my models the same, and it used to always be a chore to do the bases. Experimenting will new basing techniques has made basing an enjoyable process for me again