Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mud duds

No goblin army would be characterful if it wasn't completely unreliable. And what's more unreliable than trolls! By the same token, trolls, giants and monsters are part of what define a goblin army in this hobbyist's opinion. They also pack a punch when they do what they are supposed to do.

So here they are: Pug, Glug and Trug. Their sheer size and uncomeliness is probably as important in battle as their fighting prowess. If it wasn't for the fact the goblin troops are so expendable, their indiscriminate attacks on friends and foe may be considered at tactical liability. Thankfully, goblin chieftains don't get caught up in these minute details, and the 3 troll brothers always find themselves at the front of goblin battle-lines in times of conflict.


  1. I've gotten into discussions about "are Trolls worth the points?" I did not field them at the last Oldhammer, but I feel like they are a integral part of a Greenskin army.

  2. Oh Sean....get out of the points game man!!! its about having fun!!! and Trolls....they is fun.

    This look fabulous Anthony! They are some of my favorite trolls. and you have done a superb job on them!

  3. Thanks for the comments. Thanks to my abysmal game-playing ability, points don't factor much in my choices. I guess I could just blame my list and game imbalances every time I get crushed in battle, but that would be too Newhammer :)

  4. Fun trumps winning. Trolls should always be in a goblinoid army.

    Simply lovely paintwork sir.

    1. thank you sir! first time i used water effects on a base, too. It was quite fun and easier than i expected