Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sharpooth's Wolf Raiders

Well, I have been a busy little bee painting up unit after unit of goblins. While the sculpts are extremely characterful, I can tell you that I do not, at all, miss prepping metal miniatures.

The first in the batch are Sharptooth's Wolf Raiders: 5 marauder goblin wolf riders. While theft and sabotage are considered normal is goblin society, these misfits fled for their lives after they were caught stealing ale from the wine cellars of their goblin king, Grom. They learnt to lead a nomadic life, acting occasionally as mercenaries to benefit from the spoils of war, as well as steal from their temporary allies during times of peace.


  1. Lovely unit. Although I'm stubborn about individual basing for my own figures, I really like the look of your bases.

  2. Thanks. Doubt I will actually use them for gaming and I like the cohesiveness that unit-basing adds. Its the first army I am painting like this

  3. Really nice!!! the trolls...I really like these wolf riders (not as fond of the wolves) and will be fielding a unit of them myself at some point. Will you be adding more? One think I like about this range is the size of it...there are quite a few options for troopers. The weapons in particular look fantastic!