Monday, January 30, 2017

Balog the Brutal

Balog belched loudly as he rubbed his stomach. The putrid stench of half-digested meat filled the air around him. He hadn't devoured a cow this tasty since that time Grotfang's army had overrun the peasant village up by the Mountains of Mourn. He bellowed in laughter as he remembered how the townsfolk had run for their lives as he battered their half-burning houses with  the large log he used as a weapon.

Times were difficult of late. He had to join forces with Grotfang's goblin mob more and more, since the peasant villages were getting more heavily guarded. As much as he hated allying himself to the stupid green orclings, he could not risk the solitary attack on villages that he once perpetrated. The only thing he hated more than the squabbling goblin horde was the idea of capture by the humans he had tormented for all these years.


  1. Oh he is nice Anthony! Now you need a giant horde like Zero23 and OrcLord LOL.

  2. Nice figure. So many Giants, so little time.

  3. thanks, gents. They take so long to paint, though!