Morgoth's Beastmen - Old World Army Challenge

Beastmen are vile parodies of humankind, creatures of chaos who hate humans above all other beings. They exist only to bring war, fire and destruction to the world in the name of the chaos gods. Morgoth is held in highest esteem as a shaman by the half-beasts. Some describe his visage as truly horrific, although in truth none can describe it with any certainty. Morgoth walks within the realms of man in tattered garbs covering a suit of bones. He whispers prophesies into the ears of his deformed followers, who bray in anticipation for the fall of mankind.

Well, the first month of the Old World Army Challenge is done, and I painted 15 Bob Olley beastmen and a shaman for a total of 218pts by 4th edition standards. My full post can be found here, but for the sake of simplicity I'm also including some pictures to my blog. Enjoy!

Morgoth, clad in bone armor. He points his finger in glee as he envisions the destruction of man.

Some closer shots of the models

That's all for this month. For December, I will be painting some chaos thugs ... 


  1. These were really great. The blue backdrop works really well, I may have to cave and get one.

    1. Thanks Sean. I would recommend those backdrops. Great investment for taking pics to the next lvl


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