Saturday, March 10, 2018

Old World Army Challenge - February entry

Members of the Blue Serpent Clan don't care how death is reaped in the name of their all-consuming deity. Northerners are known for their skill with bow and arrow as this is how they hunt both for food and for bounty. Indeed, one does not approach creatures of the Northern Wastes in close proximity unless one has a death wish; ranged shooting the best method of hunting them and staying alive. All Clan battle formations have some degree of ranged shooting. Each Clan division has its unique combination of snake venoms with which to poison their arrow tips. While Clan warriors kill in the name of the Blue Serpent god to pay their tribute, surely an agonizing and slow death by poisoning would provide a more worthy sacrifice!

Here is my February entry for the Old World Army challenge. 

I'm not going to pretend that painting 20 rank-and-file infantry in a month was a walk in the park, but I think they turned out quite well in the end. I'm not a fan of the traditional rainbow-colored Games Workshop color scheme, and I wanted to tie the color scheme of these guys with that of the rest of the army. I used a lot of the same colors found on the thug infantry I painted in December. I also replicated many of the tattoos from the infantry. Finally, since these guys don't have shields, I made a simple freehand banner with a serpent motif, to tie the archers in with the rest of the army.

Anyway, enough faffing about. Here is my offering for this month.

sans paint 


command group

160 points for this month which, added to my 770, brings my total up to 990pts
Next month, centaurs ....

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