Farewell Dark Elves

Well, I don't get to play much Warhammer any more and I have been looking at thinning out my collection. Sadly, this put my Dark Elves on the chopping block. These were painted in an Asian/Geisha theme and it was the last army I played in 8th edition before the death of Warhammer. I did play a few games of Kings of War, but the game just didn't do it for me (mechanics are great, but I just couldn't get into the fluff).

What follows is somewhat of a photo dump. I took these pictures in the light box both to facilitate the selling of the army and also to have a record of the army. Enjoy! 

Dreadlord on manticore 

Doomfire warlocks

Cold One Knights. I love the guy with the little dragon on his shoulder

No dark elf army would be complete without some dark riders

Two of the infamous Masters on Dark Pegasi (one is the old Morathi model)

Dark Elf Sorceress

Executioners. My favorite unit

Another sorceress. Why not?

More doomfire warlocks. These were the business when they first came out (4+ ward save if I recall correctly)

Cold one chariot

Vanilla crossbowmen

Hydra with two handlers

Black Guard of Naggaroth

More dark riders

Dreadlord on foot

Dark elf spearmen

... and more spearmen 

Witch elves. Man, were people scared of these guys

Cauldron of blood

Dark elf harpies (ie. cannon fodder)

Dark elf corsairs

No dark elf army would be complete without shades

... and an assassin

Repeater bolt throwers

Army shot

Farewell, dark elves. Enjoy your new home ...


  1. nice army, well themed and put together, I'm sure you'll be sorry to see it go.

    1. I certainly will, but I'd rather it get some use with someone else (that's how I'm justifying it anyway!)

  2. Beautifully painted army. I really like your free hand, especially on the white cloak. I hope it went to a good home.

    1. It did. Made it across the globe to a guy in Finland!

  3. I gave away 2 armies that I never use anymore. Better that it winds up with someone who continue to game with it

  4. Hello there !!
    What a fantastic army !!! great work... I love the painting and your conversion. They perfectly fit all together.

    1. Thanks, yes I slightly regret getting rid of them. But storage space is a valuable asset and hopefully they are getting more gaming action at their new owner


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