OWAC II - Introduction

Here is my introductory post for the Old World Army Challenge II . This is the modern-day Tale of Four gamers, only with an astonishing 38 participants from all over the world. In brief, the challenge is to produce a usable 3rd or 4th edition Warhammer army of 1000 points over a 6 month period. Please follow the link above to see some of the amazing entries this year.

I’ve gone back and forth trying to decide what army to go with for this challenge. I went for a ‘minions of chaos’ 3rd ed. army for the first challenge. Lots of chaos thugs and beastmen. I have a lot of unpainted orcs/goblins and chaos in my existing collection and it was therefore going up be one of those armies for the OWAC. I have also set myself the impossible task of painting every  miniature in my collection, and I periodically make a tally of that on my blog, to keep me honest (I'm at around 60% painted, as it stands). Paint challenges like this motivate me to boost my output towards reaching my ultimate goal.

I decided to go with Orcs and Goblins (3rd ed) for this challenge since there were not many of them in the OWAC. Forest goblins may also be making an appearance (used as regular goblins for 3rd ed), although it will depend on how busy I get.

This list I'm painting for OWAC 2 will be adding a detachment to my existing 3rd edition Orc collection, which stands as follows:
I bought this army about a year ago, and most of it was commission painted because I wanted to have it done before Oldhammer in the Jerz. I will be emulating the same paint scheme for my OWAC 2 detachment.

In true Oldhammer fashion, I have written up my list on one of the old Warhammer Unit Record Sheets:

Here are some of the prepped models you can expect to see in OWAC 2:

I look forward to participating in the challenge. Last year's was a lot of fun.

Happy painting!