Big trouble joins the fore

Well, it's about time that I painted up Bartig the Bestial. He's been sitting, primed, for several months after I painted his brother, Balog the Brutal

Bartig is not the smartest of giants, even by giant standards. Therefore, it is only fitting that he just joined the greenskin force, quite a while after the war began. Bartig spends most of his leisure time foraging in the hills, and he feasts on a steady diet of goats and misguided mountain explorers.

Bartig is accompanied by three unsightly trolls: Jojin/Rujin, Joro and Trundle.

From left to right, Jojin and Rujin have been inseparable since birth - literally. Jojin is an ornery sort, always looking for trouble. Unfortunately, his conjoined twin Rujin is more culinarily-inclined, and would like nothing better than to be left alone to work on his eclectic stew recipes. Life is unfair, however, and he is reluctantly dragged to battle every time Jojin hears the call to war.

In the middle of the pack, we find Joro. Much to his dismay, he is cousin to Jojin and Rujin. While he generally dislikes their company (and constant bickering), he never hesitates to join them for one of Rujin's famous cook-outs. Furthermore, being a troll, he cannot resist the promise of food and plunder that comes with the greenskin wars.

Last (and certainly least) is Trundle. He is the least 'intellectual' of the three. He is just as likely to fight the enemy in the midst of a battle as he is to join them, due to his frequent bouts of forgetfulness. It is said that the horn growing from his skull impaled the last few brain cells which were to be found in the vast emptiness of his cranium.

Painting these models was rather quick and enjoyable.

For those of you who are not aware, these trolls are from Drew over at Satyr Art Studio. He just added a few more models to his Bog Troll range, which has a very Oldhammer vibe. I got them in the mail a few days ago, and they will be seeing their way to my Orc and Goblin force in the second annual Old World Army Challenge starting in January 2019.

Until next time, happy painting!


  1. Your painting has really brought these to life! I'm a big fan of both the Albion giants and Drew's trolls to begin with. The little details on the bases are a nice touch, too.

    1. Thanks, Thomas. I usually dread painting skin-colored models but these were surprisingly enjoyable to paint!

  2. These look great Anthony. Hopefully, one of these days, I'll be able to see your figs in person again.

    1. hope so man. Maybe a greenskin on greenskin civil war!


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