Oldhammer 3rd Edition Orc Army

Hello all,

I picked up this army on the fly a few moons ago. It was in poorly painted condition. I must say that I grossly under-estimated the work that would be involved in removing the paint from these miniatures. It may be the amount of time that the paint was attached to the model, or maybe a non-acrylic type of paint was used but, boy, was there a lot of scubbing involved.

General on boar, and wizard on wolf

I couldn't fathom the thought of starting to paint another, greenskin army from scratch. And so I opted for the easier choice, which was to enlist the services of a commission painter that I have used in the past. I am quite pleased with the result, the models are certainly tabletop standard or slightly above.

Most of this army was commission painted, but I painted this guy myself.
 The sculpt is so characterful!

Black orcs

4 goblin wolf chariots. 2 were commission painted, the other 2 were painted by myself.

Goblin wolf riders, one of my favorite units in the army

Orc Boar Riders, Paul Bonner, 1987

Orc boar riders - lots of these in this army

More orc boar riders

... and more goblin wolf riders

The infamous Ruglud's armored orcs

The equally infamous Harboth's orc archers

Until next time, happy painting!